Meet the aUK Gym Team

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  • Personal Trainer/Coach

  • Ex WWE Wrestler

  • Powerlifting Specialist

  • Boxing Specialist

Whether you want to blow off some steam by smashing the pads or want to build the body you’ve always wanted, I can help!


I love helping members work up a sweat and help them with their boxing technique with my pad blast sessions! I find it so rewarding to see how many calories can be burnt in just a 30 minute session and how much stress can be relieved by smashing the pads!


I can help with all variations of weighted, HIT training and my personal favourite, Powerlifting and Strength training. I can help you perfect your Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press technique and give you the tools to be the strongest you can be!


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  • Personal Trainer/Coach

  • Amateur Bodybuilder

  • Physique and mindset transformation specialist.

I am passionate in helping people reach their happiest and healthiest physical and mental state. Strength comes from the body and the mind. I believe training and creating lifestyle habits on a day to day basis can greatly strengthen your mindset which can transpire into every other aspect of your life. Improving; discipline, structure, drive, self confidence and self belief. I compete within bodybuilding which has given me a much greater understanding and depth to my coaching. I understand the extremes of training to the highest limit to build muscle mass and the contrast of dieting to low body fat percentage and everything in between.


I tailor my sessions based on any goal you may have and we discuss during a consultation but specialise in body re-composition, strength & conditioning with a focus on movement selection, execution and intensity and lifestyle changes for longevity in health and fitness.


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Helping clients build shape, drop body fat, get stronger, feel confident and comfortable in their own skin through weight training. Nutritional and lifestyle support alongside training to help clients get the best results possible.